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Permit for independent caving

For serious caving and visiting caves using ropes in Slovenia, every caver must possess a Certificate of qualification for independent caving confirming that he is appropriately trained and that he has basic knowledge about cave and Karst protection and knows the guidelines for Minimal Impact Caving (has completed training for independent caving).

You have the option to download the Application for Certificate template in either DOCX (Word) format or Adobe PDF Form format. Rest assured; you won't need to worry about the Slovenian language. In the Word document, simply replace the text highlighted in "yellow & italic" with your own information and then sign the printed copy. In the PDF Form, just follow the instructions provided in the form fields.

The following items must be submitted along with the request:
1. Certified (by the public notary) copy of a valid personal document (for instance, the copy of the main page of the passport or identity card).
2. Statement by the caving club that You are a member of the club and that You are suitably trained for caving, that You are proficient in single rope technique (SRT) and that You have basic knowledge about caves and Karst protection (one statement should suffice for all the listed club members).
3. Statement by the caving club that the club is a member of an international federation of caving societies or that the club is a member of the national federation, which is a member of an international federation of caving societies (e.g., UIS).
Originals of the documents with handwritten signature are requested, so they must be sent by classic mail to the address on the application template.

The certificate is issued free of charge and does not expire.

Send required items to:

Ministrstvo za naravne vire in prostor
Dunajska cesta 48
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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