Jamarska zveza Slovenije - JZS

~ 1889 ~


Jamarska zveza Slovenije
Lepi pot 6
1000 Ljubljana
Tel:  01/42-93-440
Fax: 01/42-93-440
Uradne ure: vsak četrtek med 18. in 20. uro v prostorih Katastra jam JZS na Zeleni poti v Trnovem v Ljubljani.

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Slovenia is the cradle of historic cave exploration and karst science. Though small, it has a large number of caves (currently already numbered over 11.000) and a well-developed caving scene. There are currently 50 active caving clubs/societies which are joined in Speleological Association of Slovenia.

Speleological Association of Slovenia is an organization constituted by caving clubs/societies. Association functions based on (principles of) non-profit, amateurism, volunteerism and public service. The purpose and tasks of the Association are: developing and promoting organized caving activities (exploration and documentation of caves), organizing complex speleological expeditions at home and abroad, setting of technical and safety standards, which relate to visiting caves, providing technical assistance for members/clubs/societies in their performance, coordination of clubs'/societies' activities, caving popularisation, organization and management of educational activities, implementation of caving publicity activity, security and protection of karst and karst phenomena and the implementation of humanitarian activities.

 Association forms 9 permanent commissions:

  • Cave Rescue Commission,
  • Cave Registry,
  • Commission for Education,
  • Commission for Cave Protection,
  • Commission for Technique and Safety,
  • Library,
  • Editorial board of journal Naše Jame,
  • Editorial board of journal Jamar,
  • Mailing list with Home page service.

Speleological Association of Slovenia is member of: