Jamarska zveza Slovenije - JZS

~ 1889 ~


Jamarska zveza Slovenije
Lepi pot 6
1000 Ljubljana
Tel:  01/42-93-440
Fax: 01/42-93-440
Uradne ure: vsak četrtek med 18. in 20. uro v prostorih Katastra jam JZS na Zeleni poti v Trnovem v Ljubljani.

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Cave Registry info

Cave Registry is a professional service of Speleological association of Slovenia. Its purpose is to keep a record of caves and caving clubs activities in Slovenia. The premises are shared with JZS Library that holds a significant amount of domestic and foreign cave and caving, geological, archaeological, biological, ecological, sports and similar literature.
Data is obtained from caving clubs, Karst Research Institute, foreign caving expeditions to Slovenia, various individuals etc. There are currently 11138 caves registered in Slovenia; about 200 new ones are registered every year.

Visit Cave Registry

Cave Registry is located in Ljubljana in an underground shelter in Trnovo residential area on Zelena pot (see the map). It is open during office hours every Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00. During this time staff is reachable by phone; an answering machine is available the rest of the time.

Members of JZS caving clubs have free entry, right to free access to the entire collection and free photocopying. At the request of staff visitors are required to present a valid caving identity card.

Members of caving clubs outside JZS need to procure a signed statement (pdf) certified by their club and a valid caving identity card. Photocopying costs are charged per price list.


Our address:
Jamarska zveza Slovenije
(za Kataster jam)
1000 Ljubljana

Phone, fax:
+386 142-93-440

Head of Cave Registry:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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